• Active Registered Voters as of10/31/14
  • Democrats:8,283
  • Republicans:5,445
  • Others:2,939
  • Total:16,667


Election November 4, 2014



Total Early Voting Ballots Cast as of 10/30/2014 - 1,860



Books are closed for new registrations and party changes for the General Election.




Sample Ballot for General Election


Proposed Constitutional Amendments to be voted on November 4, 2014




Dislike Robocalls? Let’s clear the confusion.

Like every election season, political campaigns are now in full swing. Robocalls, automated telephone calls that deliver a recorded message, are an incredibly low-cost way for political parties and candidates to get out their message. Technology has made it possible to send thousands of robocalls every minute, but before you pick up the phone to complain - please know that these calls are not initiated by or affiliated with the Supervisor of Elections' Office!  We are more than happy to honor your request, just follow the directions and the call will be transferred to our office.

 You may also receive a vote-by-mail request in the mail. Please know these also are not initiated or affiliated with the Supervisor of Elections’ Office, but we are more than happy to honor your request. Just fill out the form and mail to us. You may also request a vote-by-mail ballot by visiting our website at www.hendryelections.org.

 Political parties and candidates who utilize robocalls must comply with Sections 106.011(10) and (8), F.S.), and both major political parties as well as candidates have lawfully utilized this technology to encourage voters to request a vote-by-mail ballot, conduct get out the vote efforts and to conduct surveys. While it is true that voter registration information is public record in Florida, information such as your social security number or driver license number cannot be released or disclosed to the public. However, political candidates and political parties are legally allowed to request and receive that part of voter registration information which is public record.