• Active Registered Voters as of04/25/14
  • Democrats:8,237
  • Republicans:5,374
  • Others:2,793
  • Total:16,404


Our goal is to bring resources and information to Hendry County citizens on the electoral process. The Supervisor of Elections is an elected constitutional office whose responsibility is to prepare and conduct all county, state, and federal elections.  The office registers all county voters and is responsible for accurately maintaining all records of approximately 16,300 registered electors.  The Supervisor of Elections qualifies all county candidates and monitors all financial reports due from candidates.  In addition, this office handles all filings of financial disclosure forms by appointed and elected officials, which are deemed by the ethics commission to be eligible to file such forms.  Other services include appointment and training of all poll workers, obtaining suitable polling locations, and acquisition and maintenance of all voting equipment.  Our budget also includes the direct cost of conducting the various elections.  Every odd numbered year, we are required by law to perform a list maintenance program of all inactive voters.

Browse through the menu options for election information, election dates, important deadlines and more.  The Election office is committed to helping you exercise your right  to vote because Democracy works best when everyone participates. 

If you would like to become a candidate, please come by and see us.