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List Maintenance

List maintenance activities are conducted in accordance with state and federal laws to identify changes in either the voter's eligibility, residence, or mailing address to keep voter records current and accurate.

List maintenance procedures are outlined in Florida Statutes 98.065 and 98.075 This link will direct you to an external website.  and followed accordingly. 

There are several different statuses that a voter could have:

  • Active voter – A registered voter who has either voted, kept the voting registration record up-to-date, or requested a mail ballot within the last two federal general elections. 
  • Inactive voter – A voter who was sent an address confirmation final notice and did not return the postage prepaid confirmation form within 30 days or for whom the final notice was returned as undeliverable. Inactive voters remain in the voter file and are still eligible to vote. 
  • Ineligible status - Means the person is no longer eligible to vote and must re-register to regain eligibility and active status. 
  • Changing from Inactive Status to Active Status – An inactive voter may be restored to active status by updating the voter registration record, requesting a mail ballot, or voting. 
  • Changing from Inactive Status to Ineligible Status – If a voter does not update the voter registration record, request a mail ballot, or vote by the second federal general election after being designated inactive, the voter’s name shall be removed from the statewide voter registration file making the voter ineligible to vote, and the voter shall be required to re-register to vote, if they desire to vote again in the future.  

Voter registration statistics are updated nightly and posted across the top of the Supervisor of Elections website and on the Registration Statistics page. These statistics reflect only active registered voters. 

Florida Statutes require supervisors of elections to conduct comprehensive list maintenance at least once during every odd-numbered year, but not less than 90 days before a federal election.   

Address list maintenance is conducted year-round as the Supervisor of Elections receives mail returned undeliverable or receives address updates from third-party sources.

Ongoing list maintenance may be conducted for any of the following reasons that affect eligibility:

  • A voter is deceased
  • A voter has moved out of state
  • A voter has registered to vote in another jurisdiction
  • A voter was convicted of a felony and has not had their voting rights restored
  • A voter was adjudicated mentally incapacitated
  • A voter is not a U.S. citizen
  • A voter requests to be removed from the voter list 

Several types of correspondence may be mailed to voters for address list maintenance purposes. In some cases, voters may be notified of any ineligibility issue by certified letter, return receipt requested, and by first-class mail. It is important to return any received mail, contact our office, or update your registration as soon as possible should you receive correspondence from our office.

Once a voter is designated ineligible or removed from the voter file, the voter must re-register in order to become eligible to vote.