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Here is a copy of the sample ballot you should be receiving in the mail.  Please review, mark and bring with you as a guide to vote. Click HERE to open in pdf to enlarge the image.


This website is being provided as a public service.  We hope that it will supply you with the information you need to be an informed voter of Hendry County.  We welcome any questions or suggestions that you may have.  Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to staying connected!  


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August 8, 2022

Hendry County Voters Will Receive New Voter Information Cards Once Redistricting is Complete

Redistricting is the drawing of congressional and state legislative districts to adjust for uneven growth in different parts of the state. This occurs once every ten years immediately following the United States Census.

The Florida Legislature is responsible for drawing the maps. We anticipate receiving the final maps from the legislature soon.

Part of our role in redistricting is to redraw precinct lines within electoral districts throughout the county. All changes are submitted to the Board of County Commissioners for approval.

Due to the ongoing process of redistricting, effective immediately, we will no longer be mailing Voter Information Cards. All registered voters in Hendry County will receive a new Voter Information Card once the redistricting process is complete and prior to the August 23rd Primary.

Make sure to review your card carefully as polling locations may change!


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 Closed Primary State

What this means is, in a Primary Election you will only be allowed to vote for the party which you are registered. Voter registration books are officially closed 29 days before all elections. If you want to change your party to vote in the primary, the change MUST be made 29 days before that election.


If you choose the REPUBLICAN PARTY, you are allowed to vote only for REPUBLICAN candidates, NON-PARTISAN candidates, and REFERENDUMS in Primary Elections.



If you choose the DEMOCRAT PARTY, you are allowed to vote only for DEMOCRAT candidates, NON-PARTISAN candidates, and REFERENDUMS in Primary Elections.


If a MINOR Party is registered with the State of Florida and has candidates in a primary race, voters registered in that MINOR party will be allowed to vote in that party’s primary, non-partisan candidates, and referendums in primary elections. You cannot vote for Republican or Democrat candidates in any Primary Election.



 If you choose NO PARTY AFFILIATION you’re allowed to vote only for NON PARTISAN candidates and referendums in Primary Elections.

You cannot vote for Republican or Democrat candidates in any Primary Election.


In a General Election party does not matter.  Everyone votes the same ballot style.


This website is an ongoing process. Please let us know if you see something we should change or correct. We value your input.

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The Clewiston Chamber is hosting Candidate forums. You can click on the links below for more information.

August 4, Thursday at 10 AM
Candidate Forum School Board District 5
August 4, Thursday at 1 PM
Candidate Forum School Board District 4
August 4, Thursday at 3 PM
Candidate Forum for Hospital Board District 4