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Events 2020

Where we have been.....

Big Cypress To-Pee-Kee-Ke Building Outreach, Jan. 21

Canvass Board Orientation, Jan. 27

Oakbrook Outreach

Barron Library Outreach table

Up the Grove Elementary School, Jan. 29 - Read to the Children

Clewiston Lions Club, Jan. 30

Clewiston Senior Center, Outreach table

Clewiston Rotary, Feb. 3

LaBelle Rotary, Feb 4

Hendry County Fair Booth, Feb. 6

FSW Outreach table, Feb. 7

Oakbrook registration drive, Feb. 7th

LJ Nobles Senior Center Outreach and table, Feb. 10

 Night on the Town, Feb. 18

 LaBelle Heritage Dinner, Feb 20

Swamp Cabbage Parade, Feb. 22


And where we are headed....

Hendry County Health Fair, Clewiston, Feb. 29